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On this episode of the tumultuous relationship between Gloria Govan and her former hubby Matt Barnes, Govan ends up in jail after the pair got into a confrontation over visitation schedules for their children.

The former reality star was booked for child endangerment after she allegedly became irate when she was caught trying to pick up their twin boys from school even though it was Barnes turn for the weekend.

Apparently it all started when Govan decided to pick up their children from school 5 mins before it let out. As she was preparing to make her getaway, Matt arrived reminding her about the custody order they have in place.

When the NBA player told the kids to get into his car, Govan flew into a fit and began following his car while screaming and cursing. Witnesses then say she proceeded to block his car with hers while their kids were still in the car causing a bystander to call 911.

Govan, who is engaged to former NBA coach Derek Fisher, was also charged with violating the custody agreement after Barnes showed authorities the proper court paperwork proving it was his weekend to take the kids. She was released on $100,000 bail.





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