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Busta Rhymes Responds To 50 Cent Diss: “I’m Coming For Ya A** Bruh, Be Careful Ni**a!”



This back and forth feud between Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent reached new heights when Fiddy posted this pic of Bussa Buss and his suspect straw sippin’…

Then he posted video…

Luckily, Rhymes takes Fiddy’s social media mockery all in stride. As many know, this isn’t the first time the NY MCs have gone at each other online. Fif has made fun of the 46-year-old rapper’s neck and physique…

While Bus has made fun of Fiddy’s, well … whole life!

And Busta, real name Trevor George Smith Jr., told HH that he’s not done yet. The “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” rapper may want to turn off his comment soon because Rhymes says, “50, I’m coming for ya a** bruh — be careful ni**a!” That sounds like a threat, not a warning!

While we chatted with Busta, he let it be known that there’s no real beef as the two MCs are “brothas”, but that doesn’t mean that Rhymes is getting ready to unleash some social media furry soon. Just watch!

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