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5 Things We Learned From “The Bobby Brown Story”



If you thought part one was jarring, part two may have taken you over the edge…

BET aired the final installment of “The Bobby Brown Story” on Wednesday night and boy was it a doozy. If you thought you knew Bobby, this showed you, you actually knew nothing at all. Here are the top 5 things we learned about the Bad Boy of R&B from part two of his biopic:

1. Whitney cheated too

Everyone knew that Bobby was a “bad boy” who had an affinity for beautiful women, but what we found out during part two was that Whitney was no angel either. The legendary singer also did her share of creeping around and even got caught by Brown bringing a sidepiece to the house!

2. Bobby tried to shoot Whitney

Bobby almost put a cap in Whitney’s a**: Look, drugs will make you do some crazy things, and this was never more evident than when an intoxicated (and paranoid) Brown thought Houston was trying to take him out. Subsequently, Bobby pulled out a gun and threatened to kill the love of his life. Just watch…

3. Bobby got so high he had a stroke

Speaking of drugs … it was the excessive use of narcotics that caused Bobby Brown to have a seizure AND a stroke. Facing that near death moment caused both Bobby and Whitney to want to get clean. But when it happened, according to the movie, Whitney was so high she danced around and snatched the crack out of Bobby’s hand while he was passed out on the floor and yelled, “more for me.”

4. Bobby tried to get clean

Easier said then done: As previously mentioned Brown wanted to get clean but his first attempt at doing so actually came by force — jail! The “My Prerogative” singer spent 26 days in a Florida jail in May 2000 and experienced a painful detox while incarcerated. Unfortunately, his sobriety was short-lived. As soon as he got out of jail, Whitney was allegedly waiting with cocaine.

5. “Being Bobby Brown” wasn’t real?

We also found out that the infamous “Being Bobby Brown” reality show was partially staged. However, Black Twitter does not care! They want all the episodes and they want them now.

What was the most shocking part of “The Bobby Brown Story” to you?

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