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Video: Here’s The Real Reason Azealia Banks Went Ham On ‘Wild ‘N Out’



We’re finally getting a little more insight into the Azealia Banks “Wild ‘N Out” debacle courtesy a clip from MTV — and by the looks of it, things may have been blown out of proportion.

Look, It basically comes down to two things: 1) Banks just can’t take a joke or 2) The joke crossed the line. Either way, it’s more about Banks’ beauty and less about her Blackness, as she tried to make it out to be.

Let’s refresh your memory. About a month ago, word got out that Azealia had a meltdown during her taping of “Wild ‘N Out.” Words were exchanged between the rapper and host Nick Cannon, with both of them defending their actions.

But not until now do we have the full scope of what actually happened. It all started with a game of “So Petty.” Banks claims she was told not to prepare any material and that she would only be singing. However, she was pulled into the joke battle and things went left when DC Young Fly stated Cannon “couldn’t get Cardi B, so he got Azealia’s ugly a**.” Immediately, the “Anna Winter” raptress was put off by the crack, which she called “anti-Black.” Hmmmm, that may be a stretch…

So, thoughts? Was it anti-Black or just anti-beauty? Azealia is known to often fly off the handle and be in her feelings, but was it justified this time?

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