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There seems to be more folks who witnessed Sanaa Lathan bite Beyonce — emphasis on the word “seems.”

HipHollywood caught up with Lil Rel Howery, who told us he too opened up on stage about the bizarre incident that went down at Jay Z’s concert after party back in December, but no one picked up on it.

“The funny thing is, Tiffany wasn’t the only one on stage talking about it; she’s just the only one people paid attention to because she also said it off stage. I’ve said it on stage, but it’s not a big deal I guess,” he joked.

The Uncle Drew star also defended Haddish for having diarrhea of the mouth and spilling all the tea to GQ, who initially reported the story back in March.

“She’s not spilling any tea, it’s just people doing dumb stuff,” he said. “You know what’s funny? Imagine you being new to seeing stuff like that happening that looks insane and you’re a comedian?”

In a recent interview Haddish also confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that it was, in fact, Lathan who bit Beyonce, despite Lathan’s attempts at denying it.

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