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The Michael B. Jordan Shirtless And Wet Video You’ve Got To See!



Why does Michael even own shirts?

Anytime Michael B. Jordan has his shirt off it’s an event — one that many women (and men) would gladly pay to see. Such was the case when the handsome actor played Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther”. But, this time, when Jordan was shirtless he was covered with about 3,000 “scars” to represent the number of kills he achieved. But how did his ripped body get bumpy was the question fans asked several times over and we now have the answer.

In a crazy time-elapsed video you can see the process start to finish. The buff-bodied actor spent hours in a chair being covered with tiny prosthetic pieces … but, once he hit the water for his fight scenes with T’Challa it was a roll of the dice as to whether the masterpiece on his chest and back would stay on. C heck it out below.

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