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Tamar Braxton posted and then deleted a bizarre response to new claims that she called security on her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert.

Earlier this week, reports hit the Web that Vince and Tamar got into a heated argument after he showed up at Braxton’s Beverly Hills high-rise apartment. Apparently, the unwelcome visit led to security being forced to escort him from the singer’s temporary residence.

But according to Tamar, things unfolded very differently. In a seemingly bizarre and confusing post on Instagram, she called the reports “fake news” before launching into what really went down.

“Fake a** news!!! while i respect it, Y’all blogs will report anything Anyone says At anytime! At some point you have to take in account that we are real a** people with children and the fake s*** you report with no evidence is completely out of order,” she wrote.

Although hard to follow, she explained, “Now, had you asked me what happened, you would have found out that while i was in the shower the security at the building let him in my house… Not on my floor but in MY HOUSE!! and that’s what the situation was!!”

The reality star continued, “Its not WHO it was its WHAT it was. Not a fight but a ‘WHAT THE F**” That would startle anyone!! I was just getting dropped off from margaritas and tacos & when you are an adult, full & drunk .. sometimes you end up with other peoples things in your purse like a phone to go through (jk).”

We understand how upsetting it could be for security to let someone up when you weren’t given the heads up, but the details regarding winding up with “people’s things in your purses” threw us for a loop.

Tamar filed for divorce from Vince back in October and since the split, things have been very tumultuous between the now estranged couple.

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