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The Real Reason Kendra Wilkinson Is Ready To End Her Marriage To Hank Baskett



When a woman’s fed up…

It was her cryptic social media messages earlier this week that had folks thinking Kendra was ready to pull the plug on her almost 9 year to Hank Baskett — turns out they were right, but this demise has been a long time coming.

The couple took a huge hit in 2014 when Baskett was accused of an affair with a transgender model. After the reality starlet flushed her wedding ring down the toilet and threatened divorce, they somehow weathered the storm and got back on track.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long and now the couple is back in dire straights. And believe it or not, another woman (or man) is not to blame. It seems that Kendra’s love of being a modern working mom is driving them apart. In “being supportive of her career choices,” Hank encouraged the former Playboy Playmate to pursue various ventures including a reality show and a gig in Vegas. It’s the latter that kept Kendra away from home and ultimately broke their union. A source tells E!, “Kendra worked and he was at home taking care of the kids. He’s a really good dad. He thought letting Kendra do the Las Vegas gig would make her happy, but ultimately it’s drawn them farther apart. They’ve had massive issues for years and everything is just coming to a head now.”

The couple has two kids, Hank IV, 8, and Alijah, 3. And luckily they’ve been keeping it cordial for the sake of the kids. The family was just spotted in Calabasas on Wednesday grocery shopping. But, don’t let the happy outing fool you, “Kendra has met with lawyers and is proceeding with the divorce. It is happening very soon,” so says the source.

When HH caught up with the couple during happier times, Wilkinson exclaimed, “we’re stronger than we’ve ever been!” It was right after the duo had completed “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars”, which Kendra called, “real therapy.”

We wish them the best.

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