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Whoopi Was Just About To Ether Mo’Nique On ‘The View’ When This Happened…



Mo’Nique was back beating that very dead horse, today on The View, but this time Whoopi Goldberg was not having it.

The out of work comedienne hit up the talk show to discuss that damn Netflix boycott and why she felt slighted by the streaming service for offering her only $500K. She was on a role with her prepared speech about Netflix being racist and sexist, when Whoopi couldn’t take it anymore and started to get her all the way together.

It all went down around the 6:45 mark. Unfortunately the segment was only 8 mins long and Whoopi had to cut to commercial, but we still got our life.

Once Mo started playing the victim and accusing Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry of trying to bully her into promoting Precious overseas Whoopi came unglued. “Wait I’m going to stop you, I’m going to stop you,” she said. “Because contractually when you make a movie regardless of who you sign a deal with your job is to go and promote said movie.”

Mo’nique’s rebuttal was that she wasn’t in breach of her contract for the film hence why they couldn’t sue her. Whoopi seemed to understand that logic until Mo decided to compare saying no to the studio and producers to women in the MeToo movement.

“This is what happens, in my humble opinion when you don’t up to the hotel room,” Mo’Nique said. “What Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah and Lionsgate showed me is when you don’t do what we ask you to do we’ll take your livelihood.”

Whoopi’s face is priceless. You can tell she’s in disbelief Mo would even fix her lips to draw a comparison between being asked to do your job and sexual assault, but all she could say was “shoot” before going to a break.


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