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Mo’Nique got receipts, ya’ll.

The comedienne took to Instagram on Wednesday to prove that she indeed, was only offered 500k for a Netflix special. The post was clearly to prove a point give the amount of critics questioning the authenticity of Mo’s story, including social media commentator, Jawn Murray.

Mo’Nique posted an email on the social media website from Netflix breaking down the proposed terms. The terms include a “one hour special,” agreeing to “market/promote the special” AND … a “talent fee of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.)”

Mo captioned the photo: “NETFLIX OFFER. @jawnmurray IS THIS A 3 MILLION DOLLAR OFFER.”

Murray, who recently went head to head with the original Queen of Comedy over calling herself  the most “decorated” comedian in the business, also alleged Mo was actually offered $3 million dollars from Netflix under the condition that she audition in front of network execs. She passed on auditioning and instead was offered $500K.

Earlier this month, the Academy Award winner called for people to boycott Netflix over the offensive offer arguing that folks like Amy Schumer scored a $13 million deal and Dave Chappell garnered a $20 mil paycheck. Mo’Nique accused the company of gender and racial biases and called for a boycott.

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