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Will Smith is one wise man.

Since being on Instagram, the actor has used the social media platform to speak words of wisdom to his fans. Whether it’s about reaching towards a higher career goal or just being an overall better human being, Smith certainly takes home the award for one of the most inspiring stars on social media.

In one of Smith’s latest pep talks, the father of three explains the difference between fault versus responsibility. Here were his key points.

“It don’t matter whose fault it is that something is broken if it’s your responsibility to fix it.”

“It’s not somebody’s fault if their father was an abusive alcoholic, but it’s for damn sure their responsibility to figure out how they are going to deal with those traumas and make a life out of it.”

“It’s not your fault if your partner cheated and ruined your marriage, but it is for damn sure your responsibility to figure out how to take that pain and how to overcome that and build a happy life for yourself.”

“Fault and responsibility do not go together, it sucks. When something is somebody’s fault, we want them to suffer, we want them punished, we want them to pay, we want it to be their responsibility to fix it, but that’s not how it works.”

“As long as we are pointing the finger … we are jammed and trapped into victim mode. When you are in victim mode you are stuck in suffering.”

“Road to power is in taking responsibility. Your heart. Your life. Your happiness.”

Will later thanked fans for their comments and added one more thing: “Taking responsibility, accepting responsibility, is not an admission to guilt. You’re not admitting you’re at fault … it’s a recognition of power that you seize when you stop blaming people.”

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