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Jackie Christie has been at odds with pretty much everyone this season of Basketball Wives LA including Shaunie O’Neal. Despite being friends for many years the two can’t quite get on the same page when it comes to Christies beef with Evelyn Lozada and it all comes to a head by the finale episode.

So is their friendship over? Shaunie O’Neal stopped by HipHollywood and let us know how she really feels about Christie.

“She’s going to be mad at me again for calling her crazy. But she is crazy,” laughed O’Neal. “Jackie’s been crazy since like 2002. Like before we had Basketball Wives I would be in the Staples Center and be like there goes crazy ass Jackie.”

“I think this season she was going through some things, some personal things, and it made her a bit crazier. And that’s understandable,” she added. “I think what she wanted be to do was be very specific with whose side I was on. I wasn’t going to do that. Because I felt like both she and Evelyn did some things that were wrong.”

So is there relationship repairable?

“I’m going to give her a pass for yelling at me,” joked O’Neal. “She didn’t pull her purse out on me so I guess I was doing ok.”

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