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It’s really a small world after all, folks. Brandy is home and doing well after falling unconscious last week on a Delta airlines flight, and she just may have one of the Kardashians to thank.

According to a new report, Kim Kardashian’s uncle was the one who came to the singer’s aid after she passed out on the plane.

If you need a little help figuring out why this is super coincidental — Ray J is Brandy’s little brother and he’s also Kim’s ex-boyfriend from that infamous sex tape.

Get it now? Cool, back to the story.

As previously reported, the 38-year-old singer fell unconscious shortly after boarding a Delta flight from LA to NYC. Flight attendants scrambled to help her — yelling for a doctor on the plane, and that doctor turned out to be Kardashian’s uncle.

The man’s full identity has not been revealed, but, according to witnesses, he gave the singer medical attention until paramedics arrived.

Brandy was transported to a nearby hospital. Her reps have said that she was exhausted from “traveling extensively” and working long hours in the studio the evening before her flight.

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