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Troubled actor Orlando Brown is continuing to document his downward spiral on social media. The former That’s So Raven actor posted a video on social media this month slamming KeKe Palmer for calling out Trey Songz over a botched music video shoot. In the video, Brown claims Palmer shouldn’t be disgruntled about Songz trying to recruit her to appear in his vid because the R&B singer is gay and, consequently, not into women.

“Everybody know Trey Songz suck d*ck. He didn’t want you. He probably asked you to be in the video you know because he thought you was gonna be a silly hoe … but you and I both know that was the game,” a hooded Brown says into a smartphone recording.

“Motherf*cker, he’s a f*g. I don’t have anything against you people that do the broken wrist sh*t. That’s OK. You can be the other way just don’t bring that sh*t this way.”

Brown does not provide any evidence to support his claims. As of this article’s publishing, Songz is yet to respond to the report.

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