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Is D.C. Rapper Wale into men? That’s what the folks over at IndustryOnBlast are suggesting after they published a picture of a man that looks like Wale laying in bed with another men. The suspect image includes a caption that provides some context to what appears in the frame.

“My cousin has been dealing with Wale off and on for three years. [Wale] flew him up to D.C. last summer and we all went out to Stadium and a few other places. [My cousin] stopped hearing from him and all of a sudden he post his new baby on his page. The tea is my cousin is a guy. [Wale] really should be ashamed, he’s living a lie and really foul out here. But then again it’s probably why he’s always paranoid and on edge.”

The caption accompanied by the photograph forced Wale to take to Twitter and respond, saying folks “believe anything.”

Speaking of believing anything … whose story do you believe? Folks on Twitter overwhelmingly side with Wale, tweeting their support and denouncing the folks responsible for starting the rumor. “Lies get more respect than the truth. So the closed minded people believe any and all of the hype,” one person wrote. “Rumors are like cancer … they spread rapidly … don’t care who or what gets destroyed. SMH,” another Twitter user commented.

Check out the pic and caption in question below.

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