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Despite going 40-96 as a head coach in the NBA, Derek Fisher thinks he deserves another shot at leading a franchise to a losing record. It’s not his losing ways keeping him from a head coaching job though, according to Fisher; it’s his relationship with a former teammate’s wife.

Back in 2015, the entire world got the popcorn out after learning NBA forward Matt Barnes put hands on Fisher for sleeping with Gloria Govan, Barnes’ then-estranged wife. Fisher responded to the beatdown by calling¬†law enforcement, NBA executives and Barnes employers at the Memphis Grizzlies. As a fallout, Barnes was disciplined and Fisher eventually lost the New York Knicks locker room and his job.

Both have men have traded verbal jabs at each other in the press since then, but their feud was reignited on Tuesday after BleacherReport posted this quote of Fisher’s on their IG account.

After seeing the image and caption, a sassy Barnes jumped in the comments, writing, “[Fisher] sound real tough on here, didn’t sound like that when he was running around my house screaming and pleading!” According to Barnes, Fisher wanted to talk during their violent confrontation but Barnes had no interest in a conversation.

In addition to being called a wuss by Barnes, Fisher’s week also featured five NBA championship rings being stolen from his home.

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