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The ‘Neighborhood’, that is. Apparently, after 16 years, Harvey has quietly decided to cancel the popular “Neighborhood Awards”, formerly known as the “Hoodie Awards”.

The awards show was instrumental for The Steve Harvey Morning Show and helped Steve create the wholesome, loveable brand he has today. As DailyMail puts it, “The Neighborhood Awards recognized local businesses, community leaders, teachers, churches and local entrepreneurs in Oscars-like fashion and gave the national show local appeal to the 90-plus markets in which it’s broadcast.” A source also told the outlet, “This event was launched to make Steve appear more personable to his radio listeners. It helped shape his ‘guy-next-door image,’ as Steve’s real personality is oftentimes curt. His cold nature towards fans ultimately ended his first morning show that aired locally in Los Angeles.”

This cancellation comes after Steve experienced quite a few bumps in the road recently. Not only did he ruffle feathers by meeting with Donald Trump on MLK day, but he also got folks mad over his offensive joke about Asian men. Now the comedian is in court fighting a former employee who’s threatening to leak allegedly “racially offensive” material from a stand-up Steve did years ago.

Sheesh! Steve is going through a lot right now. Will y’all miss the Hoodie Awards?

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