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Rapper Young Thug was forced to cancel his show on Wednesday night after getting into it with two Black airport workers, aka “black burnt women.”

The rapper was set to board a flight to Seattle, Washington, but unfortunately got held up at the airport. “Seattle Washington, unfortunate I can’t make my show because I got into a little altercation in the airport with two civilians and wasn’t able to get on my flight,” he said in an Instagram post late Wednesday.

It’s unclear what exactly transpired between Thugger and airport personnel, but the rapper showed his true colors after he offered 15k for them to quit their jobs.

In a video recorded via cell phone and then blasted on social media, YT can be seen opening up a Bentley money case filed with stacks of cash. In the visual, he walks up to one of the Alaska Airlines representatives and calls her a “peasant” before telling the man filming to “zoom in on her hair.”

The woman requested for the camera to be removed from her face, but the Atlanta native continued. “I’ll give ya’ll 15k pieces to quit your job,” he said, before calling her a “fugly dugly.”

As if the rapper’s actions weren’t disrespectful enough, Jeffery Lamar Williams, the rapper’s legal name, decided to comment further on Twitter, writing: “BTW that message wasn’t to all my black women…… it was to those two black burnt women.”


The concert, which was supposed to be held at Showbox SoDo, is being postponed until Monday, December 12th. “See you guys then. Again I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” Thugger wrote on Instagram.

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