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Khloe Kardashian’s booty is about to put millions of more dollars into her already loaded bank account.

The beauty just launched a new luxury denim line called Good American, but instead of telling how lovely the line is, we’d rather just talk about Kardashian’s backside.

Khloe has been promoting the line on her social media accounts, but her fans seem to prefer drooling over how amazing her famous booty looks in the denim. Check out this Snapchat photo of the 32-year-old posing in her pants, only accentuating her curves with a little extra height.


Now check out this campaign photo posted on Instagram of the beauty rocking the tight pants.“My @GoodAmerican denim line launches TOMORROW online at and at Nordstrom! This is all about loving yourself no matter what! #GoodSquad I can’t wait to see everyone in their jeans,” she wrote.


Kardashian is known for her booty and has no problem discussing those curves that everybody loves, even if it requires shutting down butt implant rumors. “Once you start getting in the tabloids claiming you have fake body parts, then it’s like, ‘Okay, I made it. Now I’m really working out,” Khloe said in Redbook magazine’s 2015 December/January issue.

She added, “Kourtney said yesterday, ‘I got so happy because someone said I had butt implants.’ And I was like, ‘Doesn’t it make you feel good?’ She’s like, ‘I really feel good. I’ve got to keep it up!'”


Khloe said about about losing weight and exercising, “I’m not against plastic surgery — if you want to do a tweak, I’m all for it, but you have to love yourself first because no surgery is going to change your heart. It would have been such an easy solution to get liposuction or whatever, but you have to be healthy to maintain that. I’ve always felt like, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish that on your own?'”

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