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You gotta love the world of retail — which is why NBC’s Superstore is such a hit.

The NBC comedy is based around a group of employees working at a big box store called Cloud 9, perfectly situated in St. Louis, Missouri. Produced by The Office’s Justin Spitzer, the show follows a group of workers hustling in the megastore and dealing with daily bargain hunters.

And believe it or not, the cast, which includes America Ferrera, Colton Dunn, Nichole Bloom and Nico Santos, are no strangers to working behind the counter.

While on the red carpet for the NBC TCAs on Tuesday, HipHollywood caught up with the show’s stars to talk about their real life retail experiences.

For Santos, working at high-end retailers in San Francisco brought him much joy because of the “housewives” with a lot of “time on their hands” who would come in inebriated.

While that sounds exciting, we have to say it’s Dunn who takes the cake with his experience working at a video store. “I started working at a video store because I really liked film, and so I thought it was a good way to learn about film … I ended up just renting a lot of adult movies,” he told us.

Colton went on to admit he liked “squirter” movies the most because they have the “funniest box art.”

Superstore returns September 22, 2016 on NBC.

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