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Love & Hip Hop star Jhonni Blaze is making some shocking allegations about her boyfriend, claiming that he knocked a tooth out of her mouth and choked her during a heated argument. Blaze also says her lover smashed a bottle in her face and hints at infidelity on her part being the reason behind the assault.

She posted a picture of the injury on Instagram.

Blaze’s lover took to IG to defend himself on Tuesday night, arguing that his disgruntled partner is fabricating the story for attention. “Here we go again. Stupid is and stupid does. I’ma sell y’all some ocean front property [in] downtown ATL across from The Westin. If y’all only knew lol. They go low, we stay high. How many times has this stunt been pulled by this person? God Bless and say a prayer for those in need.”

He continued his defense on Wednesday morning, stating emphatically that he did not put his hands on the reality TV star. “I ain’t EVER hit you or punched you or any other woman for that matter. FOH. Where the bruises at? Where’s the blood? Your friends you called to the house after it happened … did they come over and see you bloody and swollen? Prove it. You called them and gave that BS story because you know damn well the police ain’t going to buy that bullshit story with no proof,e Sway! This woman is sick and needs HELP!! This shit is sad, so much potential, so much talent being wasted. It’s hard to just be quiet while y’all trolling but I can fall back let her come with accusations and prove every one of them to be a LIE.”

HipHollywood has reached out to Atlanta police to determine if a criminal complaint was actually filed by Jhonni or not .

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