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Compton-raised reality TV star The Game and New York-born rapper Waka Flocka are feuding on Instagram over d*ck print pictures. The war of words started after Waka posted a video on Instagram hours ago talking about rappers organizing rallies to address the murders of unarmed Black civilians in America.

“Sh*t be funny to me man, people be like, ‘Yo Waka, why you ain’t standing up [supporting Black Lives Matter]?’ These rap n*ggas is funny. One minute they shoe salesmen, they f*cking garbagemen, revolutionary men, now they gangsta rappers. They f*cking [acting like] models on Instagram, showing they bodies and dick prints. These n*ggas is confused,” Waka says in the video.

Facts!!! Don’t start this internet instigating… 👇

A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

Game, who some might label a gangsta rapper, and who has also posted d*ck print pictures on Instagram, took exception to what he perceived as a slight. The emotional emcee then posted his own video warning Waka to avoid a war with him, because you know, Black Lives Matter and positivity and good vibes.

Waka responded by telling Game to get his head out of his own self-absorbed feelings, as no one was talking about him. In fact, Waka notes, if Game really had an issue with what he said, he could have called him on the phone and addressed it instead of seeking publicity. “That’s crazy, Game. Like, you really fell for this Internet instigating … if you felt like I was even talking about you, you should have called me, my n*gga … if you was on positive vibes you would have called me on some positive sh*t instead of being real commercial and comical about it, turning this into some kind of war.”

By the way, Game is nearly 37 years old — Waka, 30.

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