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It was supposed to be a peaceful meeting that focused on ways to make a positive impact in the Black community and build trust with law enforcement, but unfortunately the narrative shifted when David Banner and Lyfe Jennings got into a heated argument about guns.

The meeting, called a #StrategyForChange, was held in Decatur, GA, Tuesday night and the panel, hosted by Ricky Smiley, included Banner, Jennings, Tyrese, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, local law enforcement and more. During a conversation about gun ownership, David insisted more guns may be the answer, while Lyfe vehemently disagreed. The two began to argue and Tyrese stepped in the middle of things to break it up. Unfortunately, the video of the altercation made its way online and went viral.

Luckily, both Banner and Jennings addressed the issue on social media and put the focus back where it needs to be … #BlackLivesMatter.

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lyfejennings: Woke up to a lot of media and questions about last night discussions. I have nothing but respect for this man first of all. I think debate is necessary to find solutions. And despite disagreement this is my brother and I support his movement period. I could be wrong but I just don’t agree that these kids picking up guns is gonna solve anything. I think it’ll make it worse. Believe me I know…15yrs in prison I don’t think anybody up there has as much experience with the police as me… #blacklivesmatter

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