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R&B singer Monica is using social media to address rumors that her husband Shannon Brown fathered a secret child with a side-chick named Tammy. The rumor was published by multiple blogs on Wednesday morning, but at least one of those blogs has retracted their story, saying they were fed false information.

That false information is as follows:

“We at the Industry On Blast have been communicating with a female named Tammy who had been having sex with NBA player Shannon Brown until she got pregnant!!?????? Shannon Brown is NOW the midst of ANOTHER cheating scandal, but this time its a lot worse! The female acquaintance contacted us to blast the married athlete because she wants him to acknowledge their affair and the 2-year-old baby girl they conceived.”

“I truly appreciate the apology,” Monica wrote in response to the outlet’s eventual retraction. “This by far is a first that someone even cares, although it won’t change the perception nor will it reach the many television and media outlets that picked it all up. I’m grateful someone cares enough. This has gone on for years. I will leave the rest to the Federal Bureau.”

Monica says that over the past few years, several lies about her and her husband have been printed, but she’s ignored them because she understands celebrity comes at a price. The only reason she decided to address the latest rumor is because the woman responsible for feeding publications the false information allegedly stole images of a little girl off social media, passing them off as pictures of her secret love child with the former NBA player.

“I want to apologize to the family of this beautiful baby that someone used in a deceitful sick game to hurt my family. Although we had nothing to do with it I’m truly sorry your daughter was used this way. My love for children runs DEEP and I feel they’re off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn’t feel the same.. To her mother and father we are SO sorry,” Monica added in a later IG post.

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