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According to a ridiculous report making the rounds, Southern vandals ripped down this 85-year-old “disabled vet’s Mississippi state flag and left the remains in his driveway.” That’s not all they did, however. The “vandals” also defaced a walkway at Bob Comans’ home by spray painting “Blacks Rule” on it.

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“The people who done this and the people who were behind this are really evil,” said Comans in an interview with a local news affiliate.

Unfortunately for the man and/or the people behind the crime, just about no one believes any Black person would ever put the words “Blacks Rule” together in a sentence. Not because Blacks don’t rule, but because that swag-less kind of wordplay is far too bland to come from an actual Black person. Black Twitter was quick to point this out and ridicule Comans in the process.

Whether Comans is a senile race-baiter or really the victim of a hate crime is up for debate. What do you all think?

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