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We’re not sure if Stevie J is in his feelings, or finally ready to tell the truth about his marriage to Joseline Hernandez, or both.  Over the weekend the reality star posted a video (now deleted) to his Instagram page clapping back at Hernandez for saying he hasn’t had a hit in years, and also claimed they were never married.

Well dang 😳 #StevieJ #JoselineHernandez

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In case you’ve been under a rock, the couple have been split since last year, but tensions between the two was at an all time high over the weekend. Stevie’s video post comes after Hernandez and Young Dro appeared on Hot 107.9 Atlanta. The duo are collaborating on new music, but Hernandez also took some shots at her hubby, and opened up about their marriage.

“We are separated and we are married and that’s what guys do when they get upset, they lie, they go on tour and instead of announcing their new music when they haven’t had on the air in 20 years plus, you go on tour and disclaim your beautiful wife that’s been nothing but good to him. I’ve been nothing but great to you, I’ve been a great wife to him, I’ve been cheated on, lied to and I stood by him…and when I packed up and I left the home, the best thing you can go on tour and start disclaiming your wife…you look like a sucka…real men don’t do that, if you gon go on the radio, have a hot song, don’t call the radio station on no stupid sh*t”

Hernandez also appeared on the Wendy Williams Show last month, and said Stevie’s jealous, and controlling behavior, NOT his cheating, caused their break-up. According to Hernandez they have been together for 5 years, married for 3.

Smh. We honestly don’t know who to believe. We’ll just have wait for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion to get the real scoop on the Jordan’s.

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