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The Detroit rap singer is releasing 3 visuals today for her new singles, “Goals,” “Chase Mine,” and “Who Am I?”

In her new singles she sets the record straight on reported dating rumors. Since Loaf’s debut into the music industry, there always have been speculations about her sexuality and specifically which gender she prefers.

But, according to this verse in her song “Goals” has the world finally got an answer on which team Dej Loaf is playing for?

“What is my preference? My preference is people. Stop asking me questions for I take y’all b*tches. I’m single and a boss is my favorite position,” says Dej.

She also mentions [she is] “Takin’ n*ggas h*es too” in song “Chase Mine.”

However, in all three of her singles she confirms that she is definitely single and happy.

Here is an exclusive listen to all three songs and videos:

“Who Am I?”

“Vibes/Chase Mine”


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