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Arizona Cardinals player Tony Jefferson and friend Brennan Clay, a guy who used to play football but now makes his money selling blueberries, are under fire for dissing Black women on social media. 37 weeks ago, Jefferson posted a picture of cheerleaders on Instagram and asked Clay in his caption if he wanted that “dark a** one in the middle.”

Clay responded, “Haha. The dark bish can go.” That back and forth was brought to the world’s attention on Friday morning, and it didn’t sit well with a lot of people who slammed the athletes for their offensive words.

Singer K. Michelle also was one of the first to slam the men, reposting their conversation and offering this absolutely scathing rebuke:

“See normally I don’t say anything but if you have a platform you speak up. These two African American clown ass football players play for the @azcardinals Their comments towards the dark skin woman in this post was just disgusting. I did research and you 2 little hobbits have a long way to go before you have the right to crack jokes on anybody due to the color of their skin. You both seem to show symptoms and signs of the short dick syndrome. If you didn’t play football believe me NO ONE would be checking for you. You know you can be a lame with money right??? The black woman is the most beautiful most copied human. I find it sad that you are what we have as representation of the black man. I pray my son never grows up to have such a corrupted soul. @espn we are asking for a race trade we no longer need their services. It’s one thing to like what you like. I’m all for dating outside your race if you want, but to down another because of their skin tone? FOH. I’ve dated outside my race and will date whoever loves me, but this was just in poor taste. Really mean spirited.”

Clay has since deleted his Instagram account while Jefferson has made his Facebook and Instagram accounts private. If Clay looks familiar, you might remember him because you’ve seen his mug shot being plastered on TMZ. Clay was arrested in Texas on January 27, 2015 after his estranged wife Gina D’Agostini accused him of breaking down the door to their home and assaulting her. In the weeks leading up to the incident, the former college running back had publicly accused Gina of having an affair with his ex-teammate, DeMarco Murray.


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