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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart take another ride … but this time through the sexy streets of Miami! HipHollywood caught up with the guys to discuss their hilarious on screen chemistry and if its better the second time around.

“I wouldn’t say its better because to me we have seamless chemistry,” said Ice Cube. “Our relationship and our friendship has just better, and that translated on screen.”

And what also translated on screen was how much Ice Cube’s style and swagger has rubbed off on Hart. Cube joked that Hart has gotten more gangster since they filmed Ride Along.

“A lot things are changing about Kevin Hart since he’s been with me,” Cube said jokingly. “You see that movie Get Hard, there was a lot of stuff in there that I do, he was trying to do.”


In the Ride Along 2, directed by Tim Story and produced by Will Packer, Hart and Cube are on the hunt for drug lord (played by Benjamin Bratt), but this time they get a little help from Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong. The hilarious duo told us they loved being the two token Asians in the franchise, and also loved working with Hart and Ice Cube.

“You don’t feel new,” said Munn. “It was great, it was a family vibe on set and everyone went out go the their way to make you feel comfortable,” added Jeong.

Check out the full interview with the rest of the cast above, and go see Ride Along 2, in theaters January 15.


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