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Earlier this week, actor Sylvester Stallone was battered on social media for neglecting to thank his Creed director Ryan Coogler and co-star Michael B Jordan during his Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards. Director Ava Duvernay was one of the first to throw shade Sly’s way, now Samuel L. Jackson is tossing a bit as well.

After learning that Stallone failed to mention the men while accepting his statue, Jackson tweeted this message out:

Stallone, who actually did thank the men at the award show during a commercial break, caught wind of Jackson’s tweet and posted this response acknowledging his initial omission and thanking Coogler and Jordan again:

After Jackson was informed that Stallone had indeed thanked the men responsible for resurrecting the Rocky franchise, the actor backdown, tweeting:

Still, many seem to think Stallone’s omission was one rooted in racism while others argue that the actor simply forgot. What do you all think?

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