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Eric Benet Cosigns David Justice’s Halle Berry Rant, Did She Lie On Him Too?



Apparently, today is go hard on Halle Berry day. Two, yes two, of her exes have decided to open up about what’s it’s like being married to the gorgeous actress and it ain’t pretty.

While Halle’s ex-husband David Justice has been tweeting up a storm, another ex-husband, Eric Benet, jumped in to add a little salt in the wound. By now you’ve probably read that David denies hitting Halle and has shadily placed blamed on another ex, Wesley Snipes. But, now Eric seems to be cosigning that story with just one tweet.

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Benet is saying a lot, without saying much at all. The simple fact that he even jumped into this messy situation and sided with Justice makes us all do a double take. It also begs the question, did Berry lie on him, too? If you remember, during Eric and Halle’s divorce it was revealed that Benet had a “sex addiction” and even sought treatment in rehab. But, in 2005 the R&B singer stated that he, in fact, was NOT a sex-addict and that Halle’s mom suggested he go to rehab to try and save the marriage.

When HipHollywood caught up with Benet in 2010 he seemed to be in a much better space about the whole Halle things. He even gave advice to those dealing with public divorces and gave his ex his well wishes.

So, what do you think … is Halle to blame for the tarnished reputations of both David and Eric … and soon-to-be ex, Olivier Martinez? Or is she too, just a victim of public scrutiny?

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