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A woman from Virginia is claiming that she’s pregnant by singer August Alsina. The young lady took to Instagram to spill the tea, stating that August has been begging her to get an abortion and demanding she refrain from seeing other men:

“I bet this b*tches don’t know that I’m pregnant by you and your crybaby a** threatened and begged me to get an abortion! I’m sick of you hurting me, I’m sick of giving a f*ck about you and your image and ‘laying low’ … but I’m wide the f*ck awake now! I’ll send screenshots of messages, I’ll post for whoever that don’t believe! I’m done letting you treat me like sh*t! You don’t want me talking to even being near another n*gga but yet you’re with this b*tch again after we talked about the dumb sh*t you do! I wish your ‘fans’ really knew the little b*tch you are! I hate that I had to do this here on IG, but if you would have called or texted back I wouldn’t have … and, noooooow the world knows about our baby you have on the way!”

August hasn’t responded to the rumors, and the young lady has yet to produce any evidence of her claims, but are you buying her story? Or do you think she’s just trying to gain a few minutes of social media fame.

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