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Five Men Busted On Social Media




Who needs to hire a private investigator to catch your significant other slipping or to capture a celebrity doing or saying something inappropriate? Nowadays, you can just turn to social media.

Since Twitter and Instagram have become more prevalent in society, it seems like folks can’t get away much of anything. Even cheating. From Taye Diggs to Robin Thicke, there have been a slew of men who have been busted on social media.

Here are five guys that have been caught slipping and have been threatened to be exposed.

1.TAYE DIGGS: Over the weekend, a woman threatened to expose secrets about Diggs and eluded to doing so by posting little videos of the actor on Instagram. In one clip, a fully clothed Diggs can be seen in bed saying “that’s my sh*t.” The woman, whose Instagram handle is Chankeong, captioned both videos with the following message:

“Taye diggs…don’t u dare motherf*ckin play with me and bring me outta character. I don’t care how much money u give me. .u will not disrespect me bitch. With ya little ass d*ck. I will air out this entire video piece by piece of u licking both me and my b*tch pussy and ur fucking number if u don’t get ya sh*t right. Don’t make me put out all 7 parts of this video b*tch. Act dumb if u want to. I have footage of u on all kinda drugs, and sucking on my clit hoe. I never air out any celebrities I f*ck with but nicca u tried it . I will end u. Let’s let the world know why ur divorce really came to a f*cking end. I’m drunk and not in the mood for bullsh*t . how many nights we spent in dream hotel ? Or do u need me to display ur address in lower Manhattan . foh . fuck u taye dumb a$$ diggs…I should get ya a$$ beat like u looked in ‘ the best man.'”

It’s clear Taye wasn’t aware he was being filmed. Busted?

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