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Kanye West Shades Amber Rose: Kim Made Me Wash Her Stank Off Me



Earlier this week, Amber Rose had her moment with The Breakfast Club to shade Kanye, Kim and the whole Kardashian klan. Today was Yeezy’s chance to return the sentiment.

While sitting down with the radio hosts, ‘Ye revealed that if Kim would have wanted him when he first wanted her, there would be no Amber Rose! He took it one step further when he insinuated that Kim made him “take 30 showers” to get the Amber stink off his body before she would get with him. Luckily, he stopped short of spending too much time bashing his ex and pleaded, “Don’t ask me no more. I’m trying to be respectful.”

When asked if Tyga’s relationship with his sister-in-law Kylie was inappropriate, Kanye took a pregnant pause then declared, “I think he got in early … he was smart”.

West also opened up about many others things during his hour long interview with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. See a few of the bullet points below.

– He admitted he was a hypocrite who hadn’t listened to Beck’s album before protesting that Beyonce’s was better. Eventually he did and realized it was pretty good.

– He revealed he didn’t want his Yeezy Boost to be $350. He really wants to have items at the Zara and H&M price point.

– He says Beyonce and Kim don’t have beef. They actually love each other and Bey has pictures of Kim (in addition to other women) on her wall for inspiration. However, he did say there’s a bit of a “LeBron/Kobe element” to their relationship.

– Kanye’s song “Wolves” came from a conversation with Drake when they discussed doing an album together. Yeezy says it may still happen.

– While recording “Only One’ he got emotional in the studio, as did Kim. He also revealed he’s working on a video game inspired by the song.

Click here to listen to the full interview. This is the most relaxed the rapper has seemed during an interview ever!

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