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Exclusive: Then And Now! Immature Tells All!



Remember the 90’s? Fighting with your friends over who in the r&b group, Immature, was the cutest. Dreaming about being at their concert and being pulled up on stage to be sung to. Or even just hanging their posters up on your wall. Now, a new generation will be doing the same thing because the boys are back!

Jerome “Romeo” Jones, 33, Kelton “LDB” Kessee, 34, and Marques “Batman” Houston, 33, have joined forces yet again to bring new and old fans some hot new music. “Us reemerging is very exciting for us as well because of our fans. We have a lot of fans out there that we didn’t even know we had,” Houston told HipHollywood during an exclusive interview in our loft.

Now, in their early 30’s, their voices are sexier than ever. “The advantage that we have of being so young when we started is our voices were like babies. We redid some of our old songs to to hear it then and now is cool for us,” Houston explained.

According to Kelton, the group’s forthcoming album Forever, which is set to drop this spring, will be more of “today’s sound.” Marques added, “we are grown and we get to talk about things we didn’t talk about before.”

The group recently released a new song called, “Let Me Find Out,” re-released one of their most popular tracks, “Never Lie,” which is on Vevo now, and has a special gift for fans this Valentines Day.

“We are releasing a body of music free for our fans on Valentines Day,” Marques said. “That’s really exciting for us because we think that will give the old fans something to reminisce to because we redid a couple of our old jams. We also did some new music that will give the newcomers a taste of how we comin’.”

Watch the full interview above to find out what the guys have been up over the past 15 years!

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