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Exclusive: Immature Dishes On Best And Worst V-Day Gifts



They were one of the top teen heartthrobs of the 90’s and now, they are back in full force. Marques Houston, Jermone Jones and Kelton Keesse of Immature have returned with new music and today, something special for Valentines Day.

“We are releasing a body of music free for our fans on Valentines Day,” the group told us during an exclusive interview. “That’s really exciting for us because we think that will give the old fans something to reminisce to because we redid a couple of our old jams. We also did some new music that will give the newcomers a taste of how we com in’.”

While on the topic of  V-Day, the guys dished on the best and worst gifts a woman can get their men. Ladies take notes:

Batman: “Anything that’s creative. When me and my girl first started dating, I told her ‘don’t every buy me anything because anybody can buy something.’ Make something, make a card, be creative. Anything that’s a lot of thought, you can tell a lot of thought is put into it is dope. And the worst gift would be no gift.”

Romeo: “Really just spending time with your woman. I don’t think it’s for those who already have a solid relationship. I think it’s for those who work hard and don’t really get to spend time with their wife or their girlfriend.”

“A bad gift … a pregnancy test if you ain’t looking for no baby. That might be a bad valentines gift if the guy ain’t ready,” Romeo laughed. “Might want to pick another day, the day before or after.”

LDB: “The best gift a guy could give a girl is a car or something like that. It’s super materialistic,” he laughed.

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