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Serious Shots Fired! Torrei Hart Claps Back At Blogger, Sandra Rose!



Atlanta Exes star, Torrei Hart and celebrity blogger, Sandra Rose were involved in some serious Twitter cross fire on Monday night and all guns were blazing. The feud initially ignited after Rose made some hurtful remarks regarding Hart’s personal life and the VH1 show.

“Did move to Atlanta and leave her kids just to be on a reality TV show,” Rose wrote in a series of tweets. “This broad just said her “career” takes priority over her children right now. Wow. .”

Rose continued, “What is ‘s career? Does anyone know?”

“Is it a coincidence that all reality show broads are single and broke?”

“Thank you for proving my point. Reality show broads are self-centered, materialistic narcissists who only care about themselves.”

“I see why you’re mad . I would be mad if a midget left me for another woman, too.”

Torrei responded in a series of tweets and DID NOT bite her tongue.

“At first I thought you were just ugly. Now I’m convinced your ugliness has made you retarded.

“You really need to lay yo ass in a coffin and kill yo self. I mean hell you already look dead. Cript keeper b*tch hahahA.”

“Do people even look at your blog anymore? you walking troll. You shouldn’t even be aloud out during the day.”

“Don’t come for me because I will give you what the f*ck you want. .”

“Hey here are three words you will never hear in life from a man. ‘You are beautiful.'”

“You look like somebody just threw a pile of sh*t in your face. ol stinky face trick.”

“On the real though thanks for watching the show. You have helped with the ratings.”

“I’m through with you and you are now blocked. Goodnight Negative Nina. I hope God can cure your evil soul. .”

Well that was entertaining.

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