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Exclusive: Ne-Yo And Monyetta Shaw Respond To Rumors That He Forced Her To Get Her Tubes Tied



Both Monyetta Shaw and her ex, Ne-Yo, are fed up with people saying that he forced her to get her tubes tied.

HipHollywood sat down for an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Exes star on Saturday and she opened up about the public vilifying her ex, Ne-Yo, saying that he forced her to get her tubes tied after having their second child. “If you are watching the show, I say point blank period, ‘As a family, we decided to,’ so it’s just the media. They hear it, see it, and still make it controversial,” she told cameras. “No one can make me do anything, I’m a grown woman.”

Later Saturday, HipHollywood caught up with Ne-Yo on the “green carpet” at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards and asked him what he thought about the press twisting the situation and vilifying him.

“When in your in a relationship with somebody, you make decisions based on feeling like y’all are going to be together forever. Nobody goes into a relationship thinking that you are going to break up. We broke up but at the time that was the thought process that we was under, so we made the decision,” Ne-Yo stated. “I’m not trippin, I feel like reality TV is designed to get a rise out of people.”

At the end of the day, this is no longer a big deal for Monyetta who recently found out from doctors that her operation is 85% reversible and that she will most likely be able to have children in the near future.

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