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Exclusive: Kyla Pratt On Second Daughter “I Was Going To Announce It At Year 1”



Kyla Pratt shocked us all when she confirmed that she gave birth to her second child in August 2013. Pratt’s rep revealed to HipHollywood last month that the 27-year-old is a mother of a healthy baby girl, but that she isn’t quite ready to release the baby’s name or share any additional information about her new bundle of joy.

It was a secret that was held for nearly 6-months, but while on the red carpet for BET’s Annual Celebration of Gospel, the actress shared with HH that she had every intention on eventually announcing baby number 2.

“With my oldest daughter, I didn’t want to announce it until she was 1-years-old, so I was going to do it the same way around this time; give my second baby the same thing. But people find out stuff,” she told us.

“I was telling my publicist all the stuff I was doing when I was pregnant and he was like ‘and no one said anything?’ I was in New York, we were traveling, we went gambling,” Pratt shared. “Don’t nobody care about me until later on and they be like ‘why you didn’t tell us.’ Nobody said nothing before,” she joked.

We made sure to ask the Let’s Stay Together star whether or not she was hiding anymore children, and she said no, but maybe … “next year.”

The 27-year-old has gotten pretty good at keeping secrets. The actress and her longtime boyfriend, Compton gave birth to their first child together back in November 2010 and kept that pregnancy a secret as well. During another exclusive interview with Pratt last month, the actress revealed why she chose to keep her first gestation a secret.

“Me personally I just feel like it’s something personal that I wanted to experience and enjoy myself,” she told us. “Especially with the social media nowadays, people are easily able to reach you and easily able to say anything that they want to say without any consequences. When you’re pregnant, you’re hormonal, you have a lot of things going on and my fear was somebody saying something and it really effecting me when it doesn’t really matter.”

She continued, “When I announced that I had a daughter, we got a lot of backlash but I didn’t care, I had my baby. But when you’re pregnant you don’t know what somebody’s going to say, or what’s going to effect you or how you’re going to feel. I loved my pregnancy, every moment.”

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