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Details Behind Lil Kim’s Pregnancy: Food Cravings, Pillows, Sex Of The Baby



Just like most pregnant women, Lil Kim has been having major food cravings since learning she was pregnant.

“If she has cravings, we go get it for her,” the rapper’s BFF, Jennifer Dalton told Us Weekly. “Certain things that she just wants and needs, I’ll help her go get it.” Dalton revealed that among those cravings, are veggies, veggie pizza, steak, and fruits.

Dalton also explained that she has been by Lil Kim’s side throughout her pregnancy. ‘”I’ve been helping her with everything … Anything that she needs I’m there. I go with her to the doctor’s appointments, the ultrasounds.”

Lil Kim and Jennifer

She continued, “I have to give her all these pillows. She tucks herself in between them … She has 2 behind her head, one by her chest, one between her legs, two on her back … She’s just cuddled in between pillows. All you see is little Lil’ Kim in the fetal position with pillows everywhere. It’s very cute!”

Jennifer, who appeared on the Real Housewives of New Jersey last season, also explained to the publication that the 39-year-old is going to be an amazing mother.

“She’s always wanted to have a child,” Dalton said. “But because she’s been so busy working and with her career, it’s never been the right time and now — she’s like, I want a child, this is my time, I’m going to have this child, I’m going to be a great mother, and I’m going to have a great career after my child.”

And while it has not been confirmed who the father of the child is, there are reports floating around that Peoples Hernandez aka Mr. Papers is the baby daddy.

The rapper debuted her baby bump during The Blonds fashion show at NYFW last week and according to Dalton, the “Lighters Up” rapper does not plan on learning the sex of the baby.

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