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Did Kanye West Beat Up Two Paparazzi In Austin?



There’s an online video circulating the Internet of what some irresponsible websites are claiming is Kanye West beating up two men on a street in Austin, Texas. The video was recorded on the cellphone of a passerby, and does appear to show someone who resembles the Chicago rapper putting hands on the men.

We’ve watch the video a number of times, and admit that while the man in question does favor Mr. West, he’s far too skinny and tall to be the rapper. Then there’s also the fact that Ye was in New York over the holiday weekend, performing for Leonardo DiCaprio at his 39th birthday. We find highly unlikely that he traveled to Austin, beat two guys up and then checked out of The Lone Star State before police could catch up with him.

Then there’s also this Internet user who offered a rather logical explanation on as to how Kanye’s name was attached to the video. “I know the person that filmed this. It’s personally one of my close friends. He purposely named it on YouTube, ‘Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi’ as a joke. No way we thought it was going to blow like this. It’s ridiculous how many people actually believe it’s Kanye West. The ORIGINAL video was taken down because he didnt think it was going to go viral the way it did. LMAO … this sh*t is too comedy.”

That makes sense to us.

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