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Did KFC Pay To Fix Danny Brown’s Teeth?



Contrary to Internet reports, rapper Danny Brown did not get his missing front tooth fixed. A picture making the online rounds shows the rapper smiling from to ear-to-ear with some brand new pearly whites, but HH has learned that the image was photoshopped.

The prank was orchestrated by a Tumblr member named Cushtilla before being picked up by another Tumblr user who made up a story about the rapper getting his tooth fixed by KFC. Brown says he lost his front tooth as a kid after falling from off a bike near a KFC.

“I was a little kid. I was riding my homeboy’s bike, back when I was staying off Gratiot. And this IROC-Z pulled out of a KFC parking lot and I didn’t see it. I got hit by the car head-on. That’s how I lost my teeth the first time. But I got ‘em fixed! Parents paid for it and everything, I was good,” he revealed in a recent interview.


“Dawg, like a month later, I’m playing in the house, I fell and chipped a tooth on the table leg. I’m like, ‘Damn!’ Didn’t get it fixed, then was playing basketball a couple of years later, and a n*gga came down with an elbow and chipped the other tooth. So I had two, big ass chipped teeth. The sh*t started deteriorating, and one day I was eating a big piece of chicken, and the sh*ts just came out.”


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