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Rihanna’s Hair Stylist Speaks Out, Says Teyana Taylor Video Was Not Malicious



It was a match bigger than Mayweather vs Alvarez … Rihanna and Teyana Taylor’s cat fight on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the two diva’s went head to head on the social media website after Rihanna posted a video on Instagram of her hair stylist, Yusef Williams, dressed as Taylor singing Anita Baker’s, “Caught In The Rapture.”

Now, Williams is speaking out about the video, saying he never meant to hurt Taylor.

“Honestly, I just finished making the wig. I started making the video. It was amazing, no malicious intent towards Teyana. I just think it was uncalled for. Teyana killed that song,” Williams told EnStars.

Yusef also revealed to the publication that Rihanna did not take any of Teyana’s harsh tweets personally. “She (Rihanna) could care less. It was funny. That’s whats’ so funny. It wasn’t like that. She doesn’t care, that’s her personality,” he admitted.

After Ri  posted the video on the social media website, Taylor fired back on Twitter, writing: “Don’t play wit me @rihanna f*ck all this industry sh*t, YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off.”

As the feud continued to amplify, Rihanna changed her header on Twitter to show the difference between she and Teyana’s net worths. And if you think that was bad, Taylor opted to do the same, changing her photo to an image of Rihanna’s face after she was assaulted by Chris Brown.

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