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Stevie J Fires Shots At Benzino Over Joseline Diss



Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star Stevie J must have seen Benzino’s diss video because he’s firing shots on Twitter at his former friend. This week, Benzino released a music video poking fun at Stevie’s girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.

“Landing in the A and I brought needles for the old man’s steroids, and canes for his old knees. Oh yea- tell Em how n*ggas put the choppa to you,” Stevie wrote.

“I don’t need a hit, f*ggot. I pulled them Haitians off you and gave you a new life in the A! Kitty on a plane now. Fall back f*ggot,” he continued, adding, “I walked around solo dolo but these suckahs need to pay they friends for protection. Steroids will have thinking u supaman!”

Benzino’s song, titled, “Smash the Homie”, seems to suggests that he may have slept with Joseline before she hooked up with her current boo. But after Stevie’s rant, Benzino has tried to back away from that notion, tweeting:

“The song just a song, the media made it a diss, not that serious,” Benzino tweeted.

Take a look at the video for “Smash the Homie” below and let us know if you think Benzino was taking a shot at Stevie J with the track, or not.

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