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Video: Jonathan Majors Arrives To Court With Meagan Good



Jonathan Majors arrived at a NYC courthouse Tuesday with his rumored girlfriend, Meagan Good, by his side.

The actor did not answer any questions from reporters, but Meagan did smile as she supported the Marvel and “Creed III” star as they entered the courtroom hand in hand.

Entertainment Tonight camera’s caught the pair as they arrived. Good had her arm around Majors and was rubbing his shoulder as they sat with his attorneys.

Majors was last seen out to dinner with Meagan and her family at a Red Lobster in L.A. Sources say the duo have been getting close for several months now with Good being extremely supportive during Majors legal troubles.

Majors’ legal team is hoping the misdemeanor assault charge he’s facing will be dropped. Meanwhile trial date of August 3 has been set.

A woman named Grace Jabbari has accused the star of physically assaulting her including shoving her into a vehicle in NYC back in March. He has denied the allegations.

Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry told HipHollywood in a statement, “Within a few weeks of these false allegations, we provided the District Attorney with evidence of Mr. Majors’ innocence. Last week, we delivered additional compelling evidence to the District Attorney, clearly proving Grace Jabbari’s assault on Jonathan Majors and not the other way around.

“This evidence includes videos of Ms. Jabbari’s frenzied attack on Mr. Majors and his running away from her. We also provided photographs illustrating the injuries she inflicted on Mr. Majors and photos of his clothing torn as a direct consequence of Ms. Jabbari’s violent actions.”

Chaudhry said they have requested the D.A. “dismiss all charges against Mr. Majors immediately and initiate proceedings against Ms. Jabbari.”

She added, “While we are hopeful that the District Attorney is reviewing these materials in good faith and will do the right thing soon, to accelerate our case, we’ve requested a trial date ASAP”

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