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How Sasha Calle Manifested Supergirl Role In ‘The Flash’



Sasha Calle isn’t just an ‘It Girl” she’s also a Supergirl!

The Young and the Restless alum plays the female superhero in the DC film The Flash.

“She’s a really incredible superhero that no matter what universe or iteration, she carries this symbol on her chest,” says Calle. “She is kind, powerful and filled with hope no matter what she faces.”

In the time-travel adventure, speedster Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) gets trapped on a different Earth than his own. He teams up with his teenage self and a retired Batman (Michael Keaton), but instead of finding his buddy Superman, The Flash has to rescue Supes’ cousin Kara Zor-El (Calle) from a Siberian black site.

She told HipHollywood that she manifested the role a few years back and still can’t believe it’s all come to fruition.

The Flash also starring Ben Affleck, Michael Shannon and Kiersey Clemmons is in theaters now.

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