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‘Saint X’ Cast Talks Vacation Horror Stories



The highly anticipated “Saint X” show adaptation is finally here!

The psychological murder mystery based on Alexis Schaitkin’s book follows a woman whose desperation to find her sister’s killer leads her down a road of many unexpected twists and turns. The siblings were on a family vacation in Aruba when things go horribly wrong.

Saint X does a brilliant job at showing racial and class disparities between the have and the have nots.

We got the chance to catch up with the cast where we asked them about their vacation stories from hell.

“I’m honestly trying to remember when’s the last time I went on vacation, “Alycia Debnam-Carey laughed. “It’s been so long.”

Josh Bonzie says he’s been on a cruise from hell and even without much detail, it still definitely sounds like a horror movie in the making.

“I was with my family in Montenblanc, which is this ski town near Montreal, and I was leaning back in my chair which my mom told me a million times not to do and I went falling back,” West Duchovny said. “We were in this restaurant which was like a fondue place and it like echoed throughout the entire thing.”

Jayden Elijah’s story on the other hand, revealed his huge fear of spiders.

“It’s not quite a vacation but when I was younger I filmed this show and we would be in our summer holidays in Yorkshire, which is like very up north in the UK. Me being young I didn’t like creepy crawlies. I still have a serious phobia of spiders and everything of that sort,” he said.

“When I tell you Debra, the size of this moth is was inhumane, it was the size of a small pigeon. I’m being so serious and it was flapping in my room and it tried to greet me on a late night and I slammed the door. That was fun but I mean I was like 12. You gotta give me a pass.”

Saint X is available now on Hulu!



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