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‘Sharper’ Cast Talks What Would Most Likely Get Them Scammed



Looks like Director Benjamin Caron has dropped another masterpiece but this time it’s full of twists you never see coming!

Without giving away too much (per director’s request), ‘Sharper’ is a thriller that follows a group of individuals in New York City who are unknowingly intertwined by “ruthless manipulations and high-stakes power games.”

The film does a great job of dissecting each character which includes young lovers Sandra and Tom (Briana Middleton and Justice Smith), Tom’s stepmother Madeline (Julianne Moore) and Madeline’s troubled son Max (Sebastian Stan).

In the film Max says to Sandra, “You can’t con an honorable man,” and while to some degree this is true sometimes innocent people do get caught up.  We recently sat down with Justice, Sebastian and Briana and asked them what would be the thing or person that could make them a victim to a scam and their responses are too real.

“Love is definitely a problem it gets to the best of all of us,” Sebastian laughed. “You just don’t see things the same way. I think it’s a proven thing like chemically your brain is flooded with chemicals and it just makes us all weak in certain places.”

Brianna also chimed in calling love “a drug” before hilariously throwing ‘kids with cute cheeks” and her 9-year-old sister under the bus saying “she scams me constantly.” Justice’s dog apparently has a look that gets to him pretty badly also.

‘Sharper’ is in theaters now and will debut on Apple TV+ Feb. 17th!

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