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Meagan Good On Motherhood Post Divorce: I Want To Be A Mother Married Or Not!



The girls of Harlem are back and they are dropping the good tea!

Last season, Harlem left us on a wild cliff hanger! Camille, played by Meagan Good, and her ex Ian (Tyler Lepley) were caught kissing the day before his wedding by his fiancée!

*Warning: Possible Spoiler Ahead*

While the girl does get the boy in this fairytale, both Camille and Ian soon realize they want different things. This leaves them having to make a hard decision, choose love or yourself.

If you don’t know, Meagan Good divorced her husband DeVon Franklin back in December 2021 after nine years of marriage. While the cause of the divorce isn’t fully known, if art is imitating life, the topic of children caused major issues in Camille and Ian’s relationship. While chatting with Meagan recently, the 41-year-old gave us her thoughts on possible motherhood.

“I just now in the last two years have gotten to a place where I’m like yeah I think I am about ready for kids,” Good said. “Whereas previous even at like 37,36 I was like nope nope nope and the more people pushed on it I was like I’m not even sure if I definitely want to. I was still going to because I was married at the time but now I’m in a place where I’m just like I know I want to be a mother married or not.”

She also spoke on feeling pressured to have kids and be married by a certain age.

“I think you just gotta own all of it,” she continues. “If you’re walking in your authenticity and your truth and the things you want for your life between you and God, which is unique to every person, there’s no reason to apologize for it. A lot of times when people are like why don’t you do this or why don’t you do that. Or the second you get married, it’s when you starting a family or but you’re 35 why aren’t married yet? Maybe it’s because I haven’t found the right person or how about I don’t want to. Or I don’t wanna share my house with nobody or there’ll be a time for that. I think things happen on a timetable between you and God and I think there’s joy in that.”

This season definitely does a great job tackling topics of love, forgiveness, heartbreak, mental health, self awareness and personal growth.

You can catch Harlem season 2 now on Prime Video every Friday!



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