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Tory Lanez Trial: Witness Details Megan & Kelsey Fight, Says Tory Was ‘Firing Everywhere’



The Tory Lanez trial continues with another day of shocking testimony and revelations.

On Tuesday (Dec. 20) Sean Kelly, the man who witnessed the alleged shooting from his home, testified that he saw two women fighting and a group of people “beating” another woman which prompted him to call the police.


Kelly told defense attorney George Mgdesyan that he was awoken from his sleep in the early morning hours of July 12, 2020 after hearing a group of people screaming behind his home.

Kelly says when he went to his balcony, looked down and saw two women fighting. Kelly never identified the two women by name but says they were “pulling hair, and fighting quite violently.”

He went on to say he saw a tall gentlemen get out the vehicle who appeared to separate the two women at which time “one of the girls got back into the passenger side.” At this point he testifies that he saw fireworks and a “muzzle flash near the girl.”

Kelly told Mgdesyan he never saw a gun, but reiterated when questioned that he heard flashes first from the girl. Mgdesyan also refreshes his memory allowing him to read the report where he told police the shooter was one of the girls.


As previously reported Lanez allegedly shot Megan five times in the foot after a night of partying and drinking at Kylie Jenner’s house in the Hollywood Hills. According to the police report their were four people in the vehicle, Megan, her former assistant Kelsey Harris, and Lanez’ driver, Jaquan Smith.

During cross-examination, Kelly says he saw Tory get out of the vehicle and also saw flashes coming from him. Tory, whom he called “the short one” was agitated  and was “firing everywhere,” at least 4-5 times. He said he was screaming a “torrent of obscenities” at Megan and appeared very angry.

Mgdesyan on re-direct asked him again who he saw fire the shot to which he answered, “I believe the girl fired the first shot,” though he didn’t sound very confident.

He also said after Megan was shot she made her way across the street and crawled into a fetal position. He says he saw the others violently beating her. “I thought they were going to kill her and throw her in the river,” he said.

Harris and Pete were friends at the time of the shooting but have since been estranged, according to their court testimonies. Asked if Harris shot her, during her testimony, Pete said no. And asked if she was the shooter during her testimony, Harris also said “no.”

Meanwhile Lanez has adamantly denied shooting Megan. His defense team said during opening statements that Harris was the shooter and also claimed the shooting occurred after the ladies got into a fist fight.

On Tuesday the defense also called Officer Rogalao Diaz and Det. Stogner — both of whom testified about that they questioned Kelly and was told Kelsey was the shooter.

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